+ Who should I invite?

Concentrate on your friends, coworkers and family members who need Christ! This event is not about inviting people who attend another church.

+ Why do we need tickets?

We know you want to have enough room for all of your friends and loved ones that you invited. By reserving free tickets for each person, we can ensure everyone gets a seat.

+ How do I get my tickets?

Just go to to sign up for the times you need.

If you are having trouble reserving tickets, please contact the Dayspring Office for help

+ Do I need to provide info for myself or my guests?

Contact the Dayspring Office and we can help you get it changed.

+ What if I need to change which Event I go to?

Contact the Dayspring Office and we can help you get it changed.

+ When should I get tickets?

Now! Our tickets usually go very quickly.

+ Should I get the tickets before I invite my friends?

First, pray! Then we highly recommend that you invite the people first before getting their tickets (otherwise too many tickets will be taken for people who aren’t showing up). If there is any hint of “yes” then go ahead and get them. However, there is no hard and fast rule. A good reference would be to handle this as if you were paying for the tickets. If those you invited are not able to attend, please contact the Dayspring Office immediately to release those tickets.

+ Do I need out my tickets?

You will need to either print your tickets or use the Ticketleap App on a mobile device. All tickets will be scanned when you walk in the doors.