Hey Dayspring Students and Parents!


    I love summer, I always have and not just because there was no school, although that was a massive reason. I love the warmth of the sun on my skin and the smell of the fresh breeze as it hits my face but the number one reason why I like summer is the change of pace. Everything seems to change and I love change. Change brings new opportunities that we did not have before and allows us to grow in ways we did not previously see. This summer in the Dayspring Student Ministry we have some big changes happening to our summer schedule. I mean BIG CHANGES! I personally am very excited about this summer schedule!

    At the core of what we are striving to be in Dayspring Students is a family of believers who love and obey Jesus. We want the students to connect with each other, with the leaders and ultimately with Jesus. With this in mind there are three big structural changes to how we will do ministry over the summer.

1. We will be moving our Student Life Groups off of Sunday morning and Sunday evening to a time during the week or weekend that will fit the group members schedule. This will allow the leaders freedom to connect with their specific group in an environment and time that is the most beneficial for their group.

2. We want the students to experience the weekend gatherings. Some students attend a gathering but many do not. We want to help connect our students to the larger body of believers. Over the summer we will not have our normal student gatherings in hopes of helping our students experience Jesus with the rest of the church.

3. We are having large combined gatherings once a month we are calling our “House Party” in the Dayspring auditorium. These will be both high school and middle school combined events. Think of it like Who wants to be a millionaire, meets Fear Factor, meets the greatest rock concert around. The adult worship team combined with the student worship team will rock the house! There will be outrageous games, prizes and food. We are giving away a free iPad mini at our first House Party! The first House Party will be Thursday night, June 23rd from 7:00 to 9:00. These will be nights you definitely do not want to miss!

There are troubling statistics on the rate of students who are walking away from the church. Some put the numbers at 60 to 75 percent will leave the church after or during their time in high school. We want to fight against that tide by helping connect our students to the larger body of believers, their peers, their leaders and Jesus here at DCC. We need your help as parents to make this as successful as possible. Here are three ways you can prayerfully consider if God is asking you to take a next step.

  1. Consider being an assistant leader of a Student Life Group.

  2. Consider helping out at one of our House Parties.

  3. Consider what God is asking you to do to connect your student into one of our Student Life Groups and our House Parties.

We will continue to run student ministry as normal up through June 12th. I will continue to send you more information about summer events and the new summer schedule over the next few days and weeks. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Doing whatever it takes to make fully devoted followers of Jesus!


Shawn La Rue, Student Pastor

Dayspring Community Church


Cell: 260-450-5630