Wow, It's Been Busy!

We have been super busy the past couple of days, and have not had time to do an update. So here is a quick tour of what’s been happening.

THURSDAY - Cement, Food, & Kids

Cement - Some stayed at the church and completed the cement walkway between the pastor’s house and the back of the church, which will allow them to not have to walk through mud and dirt every time they go back and forth or use the restroom.

Food – The rest of the team did our final round of food distribution, visiting the humble homes of many who live in the local “barrio” of the church, and praying with them.

Kids – In the afternoon we did our biggest kid’s event of the week, using high-energy music, crafts, and a fun skit to help them grasp that “there is always hope when the God of hope is in their life.”

They all went home with a backpack emblazoned with these words: “Tengo Esperanza” (I have hope).

FRIDAY – Family Time

We spent an enjoyable day building our relationship with the pastor’s family (including their married children, spouses, and grandchildren). It included a tourist boat ride and a great meal together.

In the evening we attended their church service and said our goodbyes to the church family.

Tears flowed as we hugged these dear brothers and sisters in Christ and took selfies with them. We came here to bring them hope (esperanza) and it was obvious that with God’s help we were successful. But there is no doubt that we received just as much encouragement from them…and we will ever be the same.

SATURDAY – Winding Down

Today was our free day, and we spent part of it swimming and kayaking at a beautiful lake in a volcanic crater (where I saw this little guy).

As I write this we are on our way back to “La Quinta” where we will eat an amazing dinner (all the food here has been amazing), and then we will get packed for our 4am departure (6am Indiana time).

By the time you see this we will already be in route, but please pray for safe travel. See you soon!

Bill Lyne