Changing the World One Child at a Time

Wow!  Day four has turned out to be an amazing day!  Far greater than I had anticipated.  Our God truly is an Awesome God!!!

Two years ago I was in a weekly service at Dayspring and listened as I was told about the need for sponsors of Nicaraguan children.  I was inspired, as was my son, and we both sponsored a child. 

I wrote a check to NRN, we wrote our letters, bought our gifts for the Dayspring Nicaraguan team to take on their annual trip; and the next year……we did it again.  I knew God was giving us the opportunity to bless these children, and I was thankful for that opportunity, and happy to do it.  An easy….logical decision.

Now that we are members of Dayspring’s Nicaraguan team, today we had a chance to meet our sponsored children. 

Today….Yes, I had a truly amazing day.

My child’s name is Jimmy, and Cayden’s is Julio.  They both have special needs and without the opportunity to attend the private school that our sponsorship allows them to attend, they would have little hope for more than a very meager existence. Due to the severe poverty, and living standards that are shocking to us as Americans, most of the children in Nicaragua will probably never rise above these conditions.  However, the children that attend Rey Salomon school are provided an opportunity to truly rise above.

Today, the easy, logical decision, to sponsor a child that I made two years ago, became a decision of the heart.  God touched my heart as Julio’s older brother explained to me that he was accompanying Julio on the visit, only because their mother could not, because she just had surgery and would be bedridden for two months.  However, he wanted to show me a letter that their mother had written to me, graciously thanking me for the hope that I am offering Julio and their entire family.  Both Julio’s brother and his mother expressed such sincere gratitude and thankfulness.  This sponsorship, that I honestly have to admit that I am doing halfheartedly, and that I am only thinking about a couple times a year, is providing this family with hope.  It is sincerely changing their lives.

Our team also met with many of the kids from the school.  We brought them gifts from their Dayspring sponsors….and we played with them….and spoke with them…and we began to see firsthand….they truly are God’s children, and they are beautiful.  They told us about their dreams and aspirations.  They are each so much like our own children.  They smile….they laugh…and their eyes sparkle, as they anxiously tell you who they want to be some day.  They have hope!!  In the midst of this poverty stricken area, where it appears there is so little hope, these children are bursting with hope and are anxious for their future.

As we left the school today, I thought again, how amazing our God is.  How these kids have hope because we are offering them the chance for a very good education.  They have hope because we are offering them the opportunity to learn about Jesus.  Jesus is changing their lives!  Jesus is changing their families, and Jesus is creating the opportunity for the children we sponsor to change their communities.  Jesus is giving them hope!!!


Kyle Skaggs