Bag of Hope

Tuesday – Day 3

It is end of day three. It feels like three monthsGod is good (Dios es bueno!).

Mucho (many) mucho blessings and God’s love is spreading through his Dayspring Nicaragua team. Today we have finished mixing concrete in Pastor Chama’s walkway between the Tabernacle Aqua Viva and Chama’s home. The old concrete was busted up and removed via buckets and many willing hands. The new concrete mixed under direct supervision of Cecil (of Quinta Primavera) and work foreman, Kyle Skaggs, of Dayspring was completed. Although I was blessed with concrete work yesterday…God wanted me to work with distributing food to local church families today. I had no idea what I was in for.

            Of the seven families we visited in one hour, one particular family touched my heart. We were asked to enter a home where the Grandmother was living with her grandson’s family.

When you enter a home, you need to be invited inside. We visited most of the other families in their doorways or modest front yards, where you may also see dogs, cats, chickens or even turkeys running about. One of our group leaders will greet the family by introducing our group and explaining why we are there. We offer them a modest bag of food and toiletries from God. We then ask them if they have anything they want us to pray for. Each one of them needs prayers…just like their American visitors. Our leader will then ask for permission to lay our hands on the family and pray all at once, Nicaraguan style!

The grandmother had her feet propped up in front of her with medicine spread on her legs and ankles. She had been having medical problems with her legs related to fat on her liver and she wanted us to pray for her health. She lives in her grandson’s home. This home is so small by any American standards. It is just such a culture shock to see how little they have. They are so grateful for our small offering from God. The grandmother reminded me of my own grandmother, who is 95 and living with my mother in Wolcottville. I just wanted to bundle her up and take her home with me. She was so sweet and giving it just melts your heart. God was with us in that small home today. I know that God has a plan for this family.

After food distribution and finishing the concrete walkway, we gathered for a modest lunch and then geared up for two children’s events. God’s love spread through the group and kept us strong with sharing the love of God, even though some in our group were not feeling the best. This Nicaraguan team is doing amazing things in the name of God. Send your prayers and positive thoughts to us!!! Praise God! God loves all of us.