God, Community, Love

June 12, 2016


Some bags were placed on standby (meaning they could get there 1-8 days later).

The checked bag conveyor belt was not working (meaning we had to take all 1,000 bags down to the end of the terminal).

Our flight was delayed (probably because of our 1,000 bags).

Our connecting flight was boarding as soon as we landed in San Salvador (but it ended up being delayed...)

Nicaragua customs wanted to check all 14 duffels that we had (after checking 4 or 5, they decided we were good to go).


All of these things could have caused anger and could have dashed our spirits, but because of the amazing God that we serve and live for, we remained strong.

By the way, God blessed us during that long day of travel by blessing us with a short security line.

God is bigger.  


On Sunday, we got to sleep in until 7:30 (believe me, that is sleeping in). After breakfast, worship, and devotional time, we prepared for our biggest event for Pastor Chema's Church. 

The event was focused on the hope of community and the one God that we share and server as a family.

After a message on hope from Pastor Bill, We presented Pastor Chema and his church with a banner that had pictures from past trips and represented the community and partnership that we share as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

My favorite part of this evening was that we were able to serve dinner hand have dinner with our Nicaraguan church family and celebrate what God is doing through us. 

My passion (and everyone else here) for Nicaragua and this bond we have with our family, comes from God.

What God is doing here in and through us is far greater that anything we could ever do on our own.

Gavin Mosier

Gavin Mosier