A Day of Rest.

Today started as the others with a hearty Nica breakfast but as we departed at 8:45 we were not heading to Tipitapa for ministry but rather the “Potter’s House”. Our scenic drive, lasting over an hour, was a progressive climb with dropping temeratures and gusty winds; a welcome respite from our usual high temperature sticky day. Reaching our destination revealed a simple man who works clay and produces stunning art pieces. The man’s mission however is much deeper than simple clay. He explained that his work with clay is like God’s work with us forming and molding us into a more refined piece. Everyone enjoyed his demonstration of throwing clay and firing it culminating to a trip to the area to purchase pieces. The potter accepted only a love offering as payment. We prayed for the potter and his family which was most welcomed.

Phase two of our rest day took us nearby to an extinct volcano for an afternoon of swimming, kayaking, and tubing. The team enjoyed a bellyflop and cannonball diving contest off of the swim platform. We enjoyed a wonderful lakeside lunch and then resumed lake activities. Our drive back to la Quinta was longer than expected and we arrived late for dinner. We ate the meal that was ready but our wonderful cooks were gone for the evening so clean up was our chore.  Our porch meeting was started with a devotion done by Mark Foster which was quite a blessing and then our meeting was interrupted by a disc jockey at the rental hall next door. The music was so loud we could not here each other. Pastor Shawn explained everyone needs to go into the dinner hall and sprung a surprise birthday cake and song on Mark Foster and Caitlin Sido. We all enjoined the moment and then regrouped to organize all material movements for tomorrow. All of us truly enjoyed this special day of rest and ended the evening with a cold beverage and plenty of loud dance music into the wee hours.

Michael Richardson