Why Not?

We just heard that Donald Trump is officially running for president.  Running for president has never really been part of Josh’s master plan for his life, but tonight he says that he’s thinking, “Why not?  After all, everyone else seems to be running.”

Conveniently, this leads me to the main idea of tonight’s post:  Why not? 

Flexible plans are a must in Nicaragua.  According to the official schedule for today, we were to distribute food, finish our work project, and lead our final children’s party.  But the barrio we’d planned to deliver food to is mostly working families who aren’t home during the day.  We finished the work yesterday, and there was miscommunication about the time of the party…for the third time.  Develop a flexible, last-minute new plan?  Why not?

I know what you’re thinking.  It starts with U and ends with HAVEGOTTOBEKIDDINGME.  Flexible, last-minute planning is uncomfortable for many Americans.  When we say the party starts at 1 p.m., we mean 1 p.m.  After all, time is money (that’s almost definitely gotta be from the Apostle Paul).  While rigid scheduling might seem comfortable for us, it’s not actually a biblical principal.  Clothing ourselves in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, kindness, and patience IS, however; so that’s what God has us learning.

Since Plan A was a fail, and several other plans fell apart, Flexible Plan J was this:  First, we took a quick tour of the boardwalk of Lake Managua.  When we arrived at Pastor Chema’s church we split into several work groups.  Caitlin and Lisa prepared lunch while Mike moved dirt.  Abby, Robin, Danielle, and Kaitlyn went back to visit the 10 year-old girl with cancer who broke our hearts yesterday.  Gavin, Mark, Dante, and Josh went to investigate a potential project to help some elderly women who have 3-4 feet of flood water running through their home every time it rains (which is often).  Karalee, Shawn, and Becky met with Chema to talk about current needs for his church and his family.  Braelyn, April, and I prayed over the pastor’s ailing in-laws and their granddaughter.  After lunch, we held our third party for children, which turned out to be a much bigger group than expected.  Do all of that in 91 degrees with 89% humidity?  Well hey, why not?

And I’ve got to say, Plan J was a good plan.  We were able to meet unexpected but important needs.  We were able to demonstrate patience and kindness in significant ways we couldn’t have foreseen or planned for.  God’s plans for us are always good plans, so why not? 

Jane Foster