Sponsorship Day!

Today the team spent the day creating memories with every child that is sponsored through Dayspring, and I must say it was quite the success. The morning was spent with the children whose sponsors were unable to accompany us on this trip. We began by introducing ourselves, which then led to several ice-breaking games. The games were based off the tv show “Minute To Win It.” The room was filled with laughter as children raced from one side of the room to the other while carrying a cotton ball on their nose only attached by Vaseline, while then shaking their heads above a table to get the cotton ball off of their nose. The giggling continued while we used a parachute to send beach balls flying in all directions of the room. After the games were over, tables were assembled for different activities. One table was designated for a craft to remind each child that they are special to God and they are loved. The next table was set up to allow each sponsor child to draw pictures and write letters to be returned for their sponsors. And the final table was used for the sole purpose of distributing the gifts sent by the sponsors for each child.


                The afternoon was then spent by taking all of the team members sponsor children out to lunch and to a park overlooking the city of Managua. There were many tears of joy and hugs as many were reunited. Lunch at McDonalds was a success as gifts were handed out and heartfelt conversations took place. The journey to the park was tremendously hot. After arriving at the park, and swinging and sliding, the heat was relentless which led to walking farther up the hill to get something to drink. After relaxing and cooling down, a small game of football/catch was started with a few of the children and team members. Far too soon after the game ended, we returned to the school to bring the children back and say our final goodbyes. There were many tears of sorrow and long hugs.

                After returning to La Quinta, dinner was served and preparation for the following day commenced. The exhaustion was conquered by laughter and team work as our efforts to stay productive continued. When the majority of the preparation was finished, the team met on the back porch to discuss the ways we saw God today and what we learned about ourselves. Our devotion began and Ginny discussed the idea of community and what that really means. To keep it brief, basically a community is united and it serves one another through the good times and the bad. Before praying, Shawn asked each of us to fill in the blank, “Because You (God) are_____, I am_____.” This was used as a time of reflection to really think about Who we are here for and Why He called us here. We are just broken people trying to serve a community that is so graciously loved by God. Through the tears and the triumphs, today was a success. God is here.