Confidential Volunteer Application For Dayspring Kids

This application will be asking some very personal and private questions. It is our intention to find our more about the people we are entrusting to minors. The information contained in this application will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect. This document will be kept in an electronic file and no one will have access without proper authorization. 

The questions contained herein are not designed to offend or to pass judgment, but rather to create an environment where a person's past will not hinder ministry in carrying out their mission in a safe, fun, and productive way. If you are a person who must answer yes to any questions on the following page, we will contact you for a personal interview. Please be assured that this does not necessarily preclude you from serving with minors. 

This application is to be completed by all applicants for any position involving interaction with minors. 

We appreciate and value your partnership with Dayspring Kids. Thank you for taking the time to fully complete the below application. As you can imagine, safeguarding our kids is our top priority even though it does take time. 

Volunteer Opportunities *
Please check all areas you are interested in.
Gathering Preference *
Name *
Address *
Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
Please list current employment status, occupation, place and length of employment.
Whether we are devoted followers or still in the process of investigation, we all have a spiritual history. Please take a few moments to describe your journey thus far.
Are You a Member of Dayspring? *
Have You Been Baptized By Emersion?
Please share with us why your are wanting to volunteer with children. List any previous volunteer experiences you've had with children.
Please list any education or training that has helped prepare you to volunteer with children.
Please list three reference (Character, Volunteer or Work/School). Include the references name, email, phone number, length of time known and how you know them.
Have you ever been concerned that you may have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, or any other addiction; or has anyone ever suggested that you have a problem with any of the above. Please indicate yes or no. If yes explain in more detail below.
Have you ever been arrested, convicted or plead guilty to a crime more serious than a traffic violation? Have you ever been accused or convicted of possession and/or sales of controlled substances or of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Please indicate yes or no. If yes, please explain in more detail below.
Have you ever been or are you currently being treated for a psychiatric disorder? Please indicate yes or no. If yes, what type of treatments did you or are you currently receiving?
Has there been any abuse in your family background with drugs or alcohol or that was emotional, physical or sexual in nature? Please indicate yes or no. If yes what steps have you taken to minimize the impact that those issues will create for you?
Is there any circumstances or patterns in your life, which would make it inappropriate for you to volunteer with children or would compromise the integrity of Dayspring Community Church. Please indicate yes or no. If yes please explain in more detail below.
Have you ever been asked to step away from ministry or been asked to step down from working with students or children in any setting, paid or volunteer? Please indicate yes or no. If yes, please explain in more detail.
Applicant's Electronic Signature:
By submitting this document electronically I hereby swear that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize any references listed in this application to give you any information that they may have regarding my character and fitness for children or youth work. I authorize the release of the information contained in this application, on a confidential need to know basis, to any ministry at Dayspring Community Church in which I seek a position. In consideration of the receipt and evaluation of this application by Dayspring community Church, I hereby release any individual , church, youth organization, charity, reference or any other person or organization, kind or nature, which may at any time result to me, my heirs or family, on account of compliance or any attempt to comply, with this authorization. To uphold the confidentiality of the references, I waive the right to inspect any information provided about me by any person or organization, but I may contact Dayspring Community Church to inquire about information provided about me.

Background checks are completed for all volunteers working in Dayspring Kids. Please click on the attached link below, print, fill-out, sign, and email the background check form back to Johanna Houser at

Background Check Paperwork Form